The Terrapin Turtle – How to Buy a Turtle That’s a Perfect Pet!


Turtle keeping is not an easy task! It is an endeavor that must be carefully planned, and you should try to have as much knowledge as possible prior to bringing home your new pet. There are several requirements for responsible turtle ownership, such as the provision of proper housing, nutrition, and temperature. Pet turtles may be cheap to purchase initially, but they are definitely not cheap to maintain! Some turtle species are very difficult to care for. You must also consider your family members too, and what their thoughts are about turtle care. After all, keeping a turtle is not that enjoyable if your loved ones are not amenable to it.

However, if you are truly serious about your plan to own a turtle, then you ought to look for a species that is easy to care for. The Terrapin Turtle is a top choice for beginners in turtle keeping.

You will discover that the terrapin is a naturally wonderful pet! This type does not require you to feed it on a daily basis, and most importantly, it has a very long life span, allowing you to enjoy your pet for many years. Make sure that your pet will be able to maximize its life span by providing it with the care and maintenance it needs.

Prior to purchasing your terrapin turtle, you must determine the correct size tank in which to house your pet. Bear in mind that small, young turtles will grow, and unless you want to buy another tank in a few months, it might be prudent to consider a larger tank that will eventually hold the adults comfortably. A good quality filtration system is imperative for the proper maintenance of sanitary and clean water. Invest in a quality aquarium heater, and make sure that you also provide a basking area for your pet.

Terrapins are amenable to hibernation, especially during the cold or winter season. Prepare yourself for this dormancy period of your pet terrapin by researching when and how to properly hibernate it, to avoid risking the life and health of your pet. Terrapins are prone to sickness, so make sure to give 100% in caring for them. You must make sure that your pet is fit and healthy, and does not have any injury or illness before you let it hibernate.

The terrapin is omnivorous, and feeds on earthworms, chicken, turkey, fish, beef,and liver. Make sure you balance its diet by providing it with fruits and vegetables, such as lettuce and cabbage, two to three times a week.

Safety is of the utmost importance in terms of properly handling your terrapin turtle pet. Make sure that you never let young children handle or hold the turtles, as they are potential carriers of salmonella, and can infect your kids with a serious ailment called salmonellosis. Separate the containers and other items you use for your pet, and always properly wash your hands before and after handling your turtle.

Keeping Terrapin Turtle pets is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable hobby, as long as you realize that they require proper care just like any other pets. Do some research and educate yourself by reading turtle guidebooks, and consult with veterinarians as necessary.

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