Start Saving on Solar With a Shreveport Solar Panel Company

Installing Generating Equipment

Are you excited to pay less for energy consumption?  Shreveport solar panel companies will help you harness solar energy and save money while doing so.

With advanced technology in manufacturing high-quality solar powers, you can enjoy solar cell technology at your home or business that makes more energy from every drop of sunshine.  

Most reputable manufacturers offer product warranties of 10-25 years making your solar panel investment worth the initial spend you will be making.

You can visit the nearest Shreveport solar panel company for your solar panel needs.  Factor in the elegant style of solar panel system these days that are available in the market, and you will not regret switching to solar.

Why Switch to Solar?

Solar energy is increasingly common on rooftops everywhere.  There are already more than 2 million solar installations in the U.S.

For grid-tied homeowners, it is clear that solar costs less than buying power from the utility company in the long run.  If you hire a Shreveport solar power company to install your solar power system, the payback period is around 8-9 years.

You might be thinking, “Is it worth it?”  When you measure the payback period against the 25-year warranty on your solar panels, you will be surprised by the serious energy bill savings over the life of ownership.

This, among many other benefits like having access to almost free electricity all-year-round, being able to earn money from solar grants, and helping protect the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, make switching to solar a wise decision.

Types of Solar Panel Companies

This article will introduce the types of solar companies that you may cross paths with as you seriously consider installing a solar panel system for your home or business.  A Shreveport solar company may either be one or two or a combination of these types of solar panel companies:

  1.  Solar Panel Manufacturers

Manufacturers of solar panels are the companies that make solar cells and solar panels before they are installed on your roof and turn sunshine into electricity.

  1.  Solar Installers or Solar Contractors

There are several Shreveport solar panel companies that can help you get solar panels on your roof through construction and installation expertise.  These solar companies range from highly marketed national names to small, local contractors that rely on word-of-mouth recommendations.

When you decide to install a solar panel system, your solar installer company will likely be the company you interact with the most.  They typically purchase solar equipment from manufacturers or wholesalers and then train specialized contractors to install the system.

Apart from physically installing your solar panel system, solar installers from a Shreveport solar panel company can handle other logistical elements of going solar like:

  • Applying for permitting
  • Working with utility companies to get your system up and running
  • Filing for state and local solar incentives
  1.  Solar Financers

Investing in a solar panel system need not be a financial burden.  There are companies that help homeowners find smart ways to afford solar panels.  Some common ways that these companies assist homeowners in their solar system investment include a solar lease, loan, or power purchase agreements.

There banks that likewise make it easier for homeowners to loan for a solar system installation.  These loans can be integrated with solar companies that handle everything from financing to installation.  Simply put, they help make solar happen for everyone, regardless of economic status.

  1.  Solar Panel Wholesalers

Wholesaler companies are usually the ones who distribute solar panels to installation companies after they are manufactured.  It can be a complicated distribution process but these are the companies that take care of handling solar panels and dealing with solar company installers.

Choosing a Shreveport Solar Panel Company

Visit the nearest Shreveport solar panel company for your solar panel needs.  They will provide you with warranties to help protect you should something go wrong with your installation.  This is one important consideration you should make when choosing a solar panel company you will work with in Shreveport.

Other important considerations would include licenses and certification, years of experience, customer reviews, and how they provide you quotes for a solar panel system installation project.  You can choose to work with a well-known national company, but working with a local solar panel system installer has many benefits as well.  

Scout for at least three Shreveport Solar Panel Companies to make sure you are getting the right solar panel system and installation services.