Must See Tourists Places in Khartoum, Sudan!


Khartoum is one of the best tourist’s destinations in Africa. The city can be divided intro three distinct areas namely; Khartoum proper; North Khartoum, primarily an industrial area; and Omdurman, once the capital of the Mahdist government. This is the place with so many attractions that you must spend at least a couple of days to take in all the major attractions it has to offer. If you take your Khartoum flights you will find this beautiful city heaven for sightseeing lovers.

The Confluence of Nile: It is one of the most important geographical highlights of Sudan. It’s just a fantastic experience to see two Niles meeting at one place. The two Niles have distinct colors, the White Nile is muddy and brown, and the Blue Nile is greenish. As it is monsoon season so it’s the best time to take flights to Khartoum with flights to Khartoum during heavy rains the flow of the Blue Nile is so strong that it causes the White Nile to back up and at times flood southern Khartoum. There are so many different ways to view this seen such as from a boat on the river or from the bridge or from the rooftop of the hotel in the vicinity of the river.

National Museum: Cheap Khartoum flights will take you to largest museum in Sudan, housing a variety of Sudanese relics from the First Stone Age to the Al Saltan Al-Zarqa era, statuary from the ancient Cush kingdom and frescoes and murals from the church ruins of Ancient Nubia’s Christian period from the 8th to 15th century. It also houses various works of art covering the history and culture of Sudan. E.g. The Buhen Temple was built by Queen Hatshepsut, and Semma Temple built by Pharaoh Tuthmosis III. Every year many tourists take cheap flights to Khartoum to see archaeological remains, almost perfectly preserved, that date back nearly four thousand years.

Al Mogran Amusement Park: This is the first and largest amusement park in the country owned by Alshaheed Organization. It is one of visitor’s most favorite tourist’s destinations drawing millions of tourists across the globe every year. They take flights to Khartoum from UK and other destinations to tour this park. It was originally called “Khartoum Family Park, and was founded in 1977. Sudan’s wildlife is severely threatened by poaching and hunting including the white rhinoceros, the majestic slender-horned gazelle, the tora hartebeest, and the hawksbill turtle, and this park is preserving plant life and animal life from last many decades.

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