Beaumont Houses For Sale – A Guide to the Real Estate Market in Beaumont, Alberta


The town of Beaumont is situated near Irvine Creek in central Alberta, Canada. It lies on Division no 11, which is only three and a half kilometers or two miles from Edmonton city and 9kms or 6 miles from the international airport at Edmonton. It was originally a French farming community and derives its name from the beautiful mountain on which the town’s most important structure, St. Vital Church, lies.

The town of Beaumont has a population of 10,820, and is one of the fastest growing communities in Canada. The town offers several advantages such as a comfortable size of community, a strong sense of community, a good place to raise children, beautiful vistas, and closeness to the international airport in Edmonton. This makes the town of Beaumont a favorable destination among individuals and families looking for homes for sale in Beaumont. Additionally, Beaumont is also home to the all Canadian Blues festival, “Beaumont Blues Festival,” which is a magnet for tourists.

Reports on the realty market in Alberta reveal that the town of Beaumont, Alberta is slowly recovering from a declining real estate market. It saw a decrease in the number of people showing interest in buying or investing in homes for sale on the Beaumont real estate market.

The recent report on real estate in Beaumont reveals that the real estate prices in the residential sector had an average listing price of $438,431 for the week of November 13, 2009. However, the listing price for the most expensive homes for sale in Beaumont, Alberta remained at $950,000 and the lowest listing price for a home for sale in Beaumont was $135,000 for the week of November 13, 2009. The report also reveals that the average price per square foot of a home for sale in Beaumont, Albert remained at $242 per square foot, while the maximum price per square foot of a property was $370 per square foot and the minimum price per square foot was at $190 per square foot, for the week of November 13, 2009.

The homes for sale in Beaumont, Alberta spend an average of 80 days on the market on before they are sold but the longest it took a home to sell in Beaumont was 572. The price of real estate in Beaumont, Alberta varies from one neighborhood to the other. For instance the average listing price for homes for sale in some of the popular neighborhoods in Beaumont, Alberta for the week of November 13, 2009 were as follows:

Beau Val: $ 3, 69,900
Citadel Ridge: $3, 71,950
Coloniale Estates: $ 5, 04,822
Eaglemont heights: $ 4, 75,700
Four Season Estates: $ 5, 94,550
Goudreau Terrace: $ 3, 69,900

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