Additional Factors To Consider When Looking For A Serviced Apartment


Serviced apartments offer an excellent alternative to hotels. They are perfect for business and corporate travelers, families, groups of friends, and even couples who want some independence and flexibility during their temporary stay in a certain place. In addition to the fact they are more spacious, this type of accommodation can give you a better base to enjoy life like a local with all the amenities and facilities offered by the neighborhood right at your doorstep.

If it’s your first time to look for and eventually stay at a serviced apartment, aside from the price and location, there are other factors you need to consider so that you fully enjoy living in such an accommodation and get the best value for your money. These key additional factors to consider in your search include the following:

The length and experience of the serviced apartment provider.

Take the time to ask how long your intended serviced apartment provider has been in business. In general, if they’ve been in business for 10 years or more, they will certainly know what they’re doing. A decade’s worth of relevant experience provides an amazing deal of learning and improvement for any business. As such, it is likely that they will provide services that are not only professional but also smooth, polished, and consistent.

The customer reviews.

Go online and read through various online reviews of the serviced apartment. By doing so, you will have a good idea of what other people are saying. But don’t just read reviews on the company’s website; check out reviews on other independent sites as well. These sites can be a powerhouse of information for future travelers looking for some assurance.

When reading these reviews, don’t just focus on the negative ones; read the good ones as well since they can often raise questions you may want to ask about. In addition, when reading reviews, keep in mind that what is important is their consistency and objectivity.

The serviced apartment’s accreditations and awards.

Industry awards and accreditations can provide you assurance that your serviced apartment provider is truthful and will always deliver on their promises. Awards and recognitions from travel and tourism bodies and accreditation from user review organizations are always valuable endorsements. Lastly, for additional peace of mind, look for evidence of relevant trade body membership.

The quality of their customer service.

Lastly, find out how quick they respond to your queries. Also, ask yourself how clear their communications are and if they answer all your questions in one email or call or do you have to request for their responses repeatedly. The kind of customer service you receive when enquiring or booking is a good indicator of the likely quality of service you will experience when you stay at a particular serviced apartment.

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