What Does A Plumbing Contractor Do?

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It is commonly known that plumbers can fix our pipes and anything under the sink or toilet. But doing such a task is complicated. It does not only involve pipes alone but needs skills in analyzing where the issue is coming from, and they learn the whole drainage and plumbing system to be able to execute repairs or tasks related to plumbing and drainage. So here are some Q&A to answer the question on What does a plumbing contractor do?

What Do Construction Plumbers Do?

Unclogging Sinks and Toilets 

Clogged sinks and toilets are the majority issue in a household and people get so annoyed by these issues when it happens in their homes. They would immediately call plumbers to have it fixed. Clogged toilets and sinks are hard to deal with since clearing the pipes requires tools and flushing it with chemicals doesn’t always work.  So it is best to leave it to your plumbers. 

Estimation of Repair Cost 

There are times when your plumbing system will not function well, and they have to find out the cause. The plumbers have to do some checking and estimate the cost before finally  doing the repair. In some cases’ replacement of fixtures or pipes is needed which will be added to your bill. Pipes can not be easily disassembled or seen since they are located under the ground. Some procedure in checking it requires devices and equipment provided by your plumbers, so they can detect the real issue. 

Sewer Issues

Sewers need to be checked and maintained to avoid awkward issues. Blockages can also occur on sewer pipes and the result will not be unpleasant, back flows can happen. To avoid this regular sewer maintenance will be a good thing to do, it can be checked immediately if it needs cleaning or clearing. Maintaining your sewer can save you from further problems and can maintain the cleanliness and odor free of your toilet and surrounding. 

Can A General Contractor Do Plumbing?

 General contractors can do plumbing but the task they are allowed to do is only related to basic plumbing; anything beyond that should be done by a plumbing contractor. General contractors, although they are not certified, have permits to work on maintenance tasks that can cover basic plumbing, carpentry and flooring maintenance tasks. 

What Is The Difference Between A Plumber And A Plumbing Contractor?

Plumbers basically can work on minor plumbing systems such as repairing burst pipes, overflowing toilets and installation of plumber fixtures such as showers and others. On the other hand plumbing contractors can do more than plumbers, aside from basic plumbing tasks they can do construction, installation and repairs on plumbing systems. Plumbing contractors can also be considered as home advisors since they do the job on newly constructed homes from the planning to the finishing touches on the plumbing part of the home. They have broader knowledge and more training since they work not only on repairs but on the building of plumbing systems. 

Is it Important to Have a Plumbing Contractor License?

IN every business license plays an important role, it serves as proof that they can operate legit and by these customers can trust them easily. For plumbing contractors licenses are needed this can allow them to hire workers, bid on a project and apply for permits that are needed when working on a project. For you to get a legit one, getting recommendations from people you know or opting for a local plumbing contractor can be the cases’ choice since they are known by your neighborhood. 

How Much is a Plumbing Contractor Salary?

The rate would usually average at $36 per hour. They are skilled and trained workers that’s why they get paid on what they specialize in. Plumbing jobs are messy sometimes and need a lot of analysis especially when they are working on a new house construction, since they do everything from scratch.

Hope we have answered the question of what does a plumbing contractor do? As well as enlighten you on the things you need to know about plumbers and plumber contractors. If you need one for your home or for your business you can call Professional Plumbing Contractors in New Orleans, and they will gladly assist you and discuss with you the best way to create your plumbing system better.