Ukraine needs a impressive air defense, contemporary and absolutely helpful, which can be certain defense versus Russian missiles.

The related assertion was built by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his video deal with, an Ukrinform correspondent reviews.

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Unbreakable folks of an unbreakable place!

Russia now once more hit Kyiv with missiles. Early in the morning. The next military of the entire world triumphantly “defeated” a kindergarten and an apartment creating. The man died, he was only 37 several years aged. There are wounded, among the them – a female named Zhenya, she is 7 many years outdated, the daughter of the deceased, now she is in “Okhmatdyt”. Her mother was also wounded. By the way, a citizen of Russia. That is that. She was not threatened by just about anything in our region, she was fully harmless, right until Russia alone resolved that all the things was equally hostile to them now – gals, youngsters, kindergartens, apartment structures, hospitals, railways.

Missiles also hit the Mykolaiv location, the Chernihiv region, Odesa, Cherkasy. Artillery and mortar shelling did not stop in the Kharkiv location, in the Sumy area, in Donbas, in the south of our condition. My condolences to the households and buddies of the victims. Everyone who was wounded is offered all the vital help.

Component of the missiles had been shot down. But only portion. We will need a strong air defense – modern day, entirely powerful. Which can assure full security towards these missiles. We converse about this every single day with our partners. There are already some agreements. And partners need to shift faster if they are truly companions, not observers.

Delays in the transfer of weapons to our condition, any restrictions are truly an invitation for Russia to strike once more and all over again. The occupiers – these terrorists – will have to be crushed with all our may possibly so that they do not imagine they can put pressure and outplay another person.

What are these missiles about now? And what are yesterday’s 62 missiles – for only a single Saturday, for 24 several hours – are about? They are about the Russian method: to escalate each and every time intercontinental events get place. And at the exact same time they are about resolve. About, for example, the point that the leaders of the G7, who gathered in Germany now for a summit, have adequate popular prospective to prevent Russian aggression versus Ukraine and in opposition to Europe as a complete. It is probable.

But this is achievable only if we get every thing we request for, and just in time we have to have it – weapons, economical assist, and sanctions in opposition to Russia. It simply cannot be otherwise in this war. For the reason that it is here – in the sky over Kyiv, in the sea close to Odesa, on the land of the Kharkiv region, Donbas, in the Kherson and Zaporizhzhia areas – that it is becoming resolved what lifestyle will be like in Europe in the long run. In this article, in Ukraine, and nowhere else.

Of course, there are not as a lot of missiles in Russia as we have assurance in ourselves. But Russian weapons can be stopped only by extra effective weapons.

I spoke about this nowadays with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau – how else we can strengthen defense help for Ukraine and how else we can increase the pressure of sanctions on Russia. I thanked Justin for the enable already offered – a person of the most tangible.

And these days I want to say a several much more factors, incredibly focused.

To begin with, all pilots, dispatchers, mechanics and other persons who make certain the start of missiles at Ukraine should have an understanding of: we will discover you all. Each of you will be liable for these strikes. And if another person thinks that he will evade obligation by stating that this sort of was the get, you are mistaken. When your missiles hit residential properties, these are war crimes. Trial is what awaits you all. And there will be nowhere to hide for you – neither on the shores of the Caspian Sea, over which your missiles are released, nor in Belarus… Nowhere.

And I would like to independently handle the citizens of Belarus currently. Each civilians and those people in uniform. You are remaining drawn into the war. And even more actively than in February and in the spring months. The Kremlin has by now determined almost everything for you – your lives are value nothing at all to them. But you are not slaves or cannon fodder. You do not have to die. And you can stop anybody from determining for you what awaits you next.

I know that the people of Belarus assistance Ukraine, they help us, surely us, not the war. And that is why the Russian management would like to draw you – all Belarusians – into the war, wants to sow hatred among us.

A great deal now is dependent on the regular folks of Belarus. And I know that you can refuse to participate in this war. Your lives belong only to you, not to someone in the Kremlin.

Ukraine will protect by itself from strikes from any path and from any weapon. I am certain we will endure and get every little thing back again. But everyone, any standard person in any state, in unique in Belarus, can contribute to the safety of life.

This 7 days will be extremely significant for all of us. Hence, we continue on to do the job at all stages and do not sluggish down.

Glory to all who defend the condition!

Glory to Ukraine!


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