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As you progress by Kirby and the Neglected Land and rescue Waddle Dees, you may unlock new Waddle Dee City buildings, duplicate potential evolutions, particular figures, and more. This guidebook covers all unlockables in Kirby and the Neglected Land.

Waddle Dee Town Unlockables


The Waddle Dee Cinema is offered virtually quickly, but all the things else in Waddle Dee City desires to be unlocked. These amenities, exclusive figures, and even blueprints, can be unlocked in Waddle Dee Town by progressing by way of the Major Tale, rescuing a particular selection of Waddle Dees, besting mini-online games, and much more.

See the complete list of facilities below and the Waddle Dee Town Unlockables Guide for distinct information on how to unlock every little thing in Waddle Dee City.

  • Waddle Dee Cinema
  • Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop
  • Gotcha Equipment (Vol. 1)
  • Waddle Dee Cafe and Mini Game
  • Waddle Dee-liveries (Present Codes)
  • Kirby’s House
  • Gotcha Machine (Vol. 2)
  • Colosseum – Meta Knight Cup
  • Waddle Dee’s Product Shop
  • Flash Fishing Mini Activity
  • Tilt-and-Roll Kirby Mini Video game
  • Gotcha Device (Vol. 3)
  • Tap to Reveal
  • Faucet to Expose
  • Tap to Expose
  • Faucet to Reveal

Duplicate Capability Evolutions – Blueprints

All Copy Skills in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Blueprints are desired to unlock All Duplicate Capabilities and Evolutions at Waddle Dee’s Weapon Shop in Waddle Dee City. There are 24 Copy Skill Blueprints in full, which can be discovered hidden in certain Most important Phases.

You will also have to trade in Scarce Stones to unlock these Blueprints, so make certain to understand How to Get Scarce Stones.

Principal Phases


Far more principal phases in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

will be unlocked obviously as you finish the a person that will come right before it. Having said that, the remaining manager phase in just about every spot calls for you to rescue a specific quantity of Waddle Dees from that distinct space right before it truly is readily available.

  • Natural Plains – 17 Waddle Dees
  • Everbay Coast – 19 Waddle Dees
  • Wondaria Stays – 21 Waddle Dees
  • Wintertime Horns – 23 Waddle Dees
  • Originull Wasteland – 25 Waddle Dees
  • Redgar Forbidden Lands – 32 Waddle Dees

More, specific, extra tough levels will be unlocked and accessible via Waddle Dee Town after you total the primary story and see the credits.

Treasure Roads

Treasure Roads are optional facet worries you can see pop up on the map. Most of them will be uncovered as you full most important phases and unlock new Duplicate Capacity Evolutions with Blueprints, but some of them are hidden. You will will need to hover above their spot on the map and push A to unlock them. See All Treasure Street Stage Places for pictures of every single Treasure Road so you can come across them all.

Figure Assortment – Unique Figures

Most figures in Kirby and the Forgotten Land are observed randomly inside “gotcha” capsules, identified in major stages or by using a capsule machine in Waddle Dee Town. Even so, some figures are viewed as Specific Figures, and are only unlocked by executing a particular task. Discover a lot more about these on the Waddle Dee City Unlockables page, or simply click via the slideshow earlier mentioned to see them all listed here.

Special Figures in Kirby and the Overlooked Land

  • Vol. 1 Distinctive Determine Cafe-Staff Kirby Complete all three difficulties of the Help Preferred Mini Recreation at Waddle Dee Cafe to get the
  • Vol. 1 Unique Determine Supply Waddle Dee – Enter at least 5 Existing Codes at Waddle Dee-liveries
  • Vol. 1 Special Determine Cafe-Employees Waddle Dee – Obtain plenty of items from the Waddle Dee Cafe.
  • Vol. 1 Exclusive Determine – Smart Waddle Dee – Retain listening to Wise Waddle Dee until it provides you the figure
  • Vol. 1 Specific Determine Product-Shop Waddle Dee for acquiring from the Product Store plenty of occasions.
  • Vol. 1 Specific Figure Recreation-Shop Waddle Dee – Complete all Tilt-and-Roll Kirby difficulty stages
  • Vol. 1 Particular Figure – Fishing-Pond Kirby – In the Flash Fishing Mini Gam, catch several fish in a row for a chance to snag a “Big One particular.” Catch it to gain 500 Star Cash and the distinctive figure.
  • Vol. 4 Specific Figure (Key) – Complete the Colosseum Ultimate Cup


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