How to Order Branded Custom Bobbleheads

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Christmas is a festival full of custom bobbleheads at In the last few years, custom bobbleheads have gained popularity and this is mainly because they are fun to buy and give as a gift. 

Bobbleheads are not only for Christmas, they are ideal for any occasion or celebration. Bobbleheads have gained more popularity over the years because they are inexpensive and very durable. They are also very popular due to the unique shape that they come in.

Bobbleheads are made of plastic and can either be made to order or you can simply purchase the Bobblehead mold that you like and then have it delivered to your door. Many of the companies that make these custom bobbleheads will provide a proofing service for you to ensure that the likeness that you have ordered is exactly what you want. 

Proofing is important because it allows you to see exactly what your likeness will look like once it has been applied to the bobblehead. There are three different types of proofs that you can choose from and they include black and white, color proofing, and plastic proofing. Each of these methods will have a slightly different effect on your finished product but are usually quite good.

Bobblehead molds will range in size. If you want a one-piece bobblehead with a one-of-a-kind look then you will need to order a large custom bobblehead mold. Typically, a person will need to have a minimum of two pieces of clothing to be able to order a large, one-piece bobblehead. 

For those that do not have a lot of clothing to order a small, one-piece bobblehead is possible. The most popular sizes for custom bobbleheads are seven inches, ten inches, and fifteen inches. Most people do not mind dealing with a small to medium-sized bobblehead since it will still look very unique when it arrives at the party as well as being a useful promotional item.

One of the reasons that it may take longer for your custom bobblehead to arrive is because the company must receive your order before they can begin proofing. Many times they will receive your order and immediately begin the proofing process. 

In many cases, this process can take several weeks and if you have had no luck getting your custom bobbleheads by this point it may be best to wait a little bit longer until the company gets more of an idea of what you want. One way to keep your time frame open is to keep an eye on their website. When they first place your order they may not have all the styles or paint variations available yet but it is a good idea to keep checking back regularly to see if they do.

It is not only custom-designed bobbleheads that can be ordered in bulk. You can also get custom-made souvenirs such as custom-designed pens, mugs, and other great items. 

As with any type of promotional item though it is important to make sure that you order enough to meet your business needs. If you run out of a certain color or need your logo on a different size than the company requires they will likely go out of business soon after placing the order.

It is always best to go with a company that offers good customer service after the custom bobbleheads order has been placed. Many companies place an order for their customers and then never contact them. 

This can mean that the item might already be sold to someone else who will then take responsibility for shipping it to the new owner. For this reason, always make sure that you will receive prompt and adequate customer service throughout the process.