Granite Benchtops in Sydney – The Most Unique and Popular Choice

Granite has always been a dependable material for constructing utility items for the home. Along with an interesting backstory, it has a future that shines bright like the sun. It is hard, dense, and quite brittle with a shiny appearance making it a popular choice for benchtops. Its source is magnum thus rendering it with weather withstanding qualities. Granite benchtops are outstanding when it comes to heat resistance and thus last longer than many other materials. Granite is used not only for benchtops, rather it finds use on staircases quite often due to its scratch-resistant quality. The polish and the durability of granite make it one of the most desirable materials for decorating homes. 

Also, it finds a lot of use in the commercial environment because of its resistance to most chemicals:

The Beauty of Granite and Its Cost:-

The beauty of granite is natural because the colours and formations on this stone are created deep beneath the earth during its birth. The trace minerals in granite provide it with cool patterns which also make it distinct to watch. None of the granite slabs appears equally designed and this is what renders the stone its USP. In fact, there is a joke regarding this matter among the seller fraternity- the colour and pattern of granite vary so much natural that the sample a customer chooses might not be the same that he gets after buying. Though this is an exaggeration, the genuineness of the fact remains intact. 

The thickness of the granite is 20mm naturally, but it can be given an edge making it 40mm thick. Normally, the price range of granite benchtops in Sydney can be between $700 and $2000 per square meter. However, it varies depending on the edge provided to the benchtops. For example, it could go anywhere between $250 and $500 extra. Usually, the white and varieties of white granites are less expensive than the absolute black ones which appear more sophisticated and sometimes even mysterious.  

Variety in Colour:-

None of the granite slabs appears in a single solid colour. It will always have flecks of other colours included in it. For example, a white granite benchtop will never be completely white because there will be patterns in other colours. The black granite benchtops can either be deep black or have a touch of other colours as well. The deepest black is known as gabbro granite and is quite popular among buyers. The other varieties include pearl brow, coffee brown, dark green, red, and even gold. The gold one appears rich and fabulous adding a feeling of luxury to the home. 

Maintenance of Granite Benchtops in Sydney:-

Though granite is usually scratch and heat resistant, other things require attention from time to time to keep it shiny and together. Like all other rocks, it is also porous thus making it imperative to repair the sealing of granite every 3-5 years. When used as benchtops, they find extreme use thus opening it up to the risk of breaking apart. Repairing the sealing will take care of that.