Best Things and Famous Activities To Do Around Singapore Chinatown

Singapore is a country that is very popular for its tourism. Not only for modern things, but the country also has its very own popular traditional and cultural destinations. Chinatown is one of the must-visit places when you take a trip to Singapore.

Chinatown is a depiction of acculturation between tradition and modernism. There are many choices of travel destinations from Chinatown market to Chinatown hotel that can be found alongside the location. Of course, the style of the places gives a vibe of Chinese culture with the locals combined.

Surely, when you visit Chinatown there will be enough if you do it in one day. So, you can plan your stay at the hotel. For the recommendation, not far from there, you can book a room at  Harbour Ville Hotel Hamilton which gives you a high-quality service.

So, here are some best things to do in Singapore Chinatown, check it out!

  1. Walk Around At the Street market

Singapore’s Chinatown has its own Street Market and it is very popular among locals and tourists. The market is full of stalls and shops that cover every spot from Pagoda Street to Temple Street. It is surely a huge place for your shop craving.

If you are asking what things to buy in this market, don’t worry, there is everything that you need. The shops and stalls sell many options of clothing to souvenirs with many varieties. If you look for unique things, you can buy handmade fans or famous lucky cats. Also, don’t forget to taste the local recipe’s crispy duck and dumplings mouthful taste.

  1. Get Amazed At Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

Chinatown also has other sides that are very remarkable to visit. One of them is The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple which depicts the style of the historic Tang dynasty. When entering the gate, you’ll see a wondrous main hall with its high ceiling.  Alongside the temple, you can also see the bell tower on the same floor.

One thing that is not to be missed is the solid gold stupa on the 4th floor. Placed on another sacred relic, this stupa is one of the iconic things in this temple. Other than that, don’t forget to go to the roof to see a pagoda as an altar of hope for the Buddhists.

  1. Down the Historical Trail At Chinatown Heritage Center

Learning history is not always boring because Singapore offers many excellent museums. In Chinatown, you can visit the Chinatown Heritage Center to get to know more about the heritage of Chinese culture. In this museum, you will learn the rich history of old Chinatown and the life of its migrants in Singapore in the past.

But, the heritage center is temporarily closed for some renovation. When it opens, this place can be visited by adults and children only for $15 and $11 from 9 am to 8 pm.

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