Best places to land in Olympus: Best Apex Legends POIs and high-tier loot areas


Olympus, the 3rd fight royale map in Apex Legends, designed its initial visual appearance back in year seven. At the time, it was practically nothing like the earlier two maps, Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. Instead than sharing their predisposition for rugged terrain, large cliffs, and struggle-scarred buildings, Olympus was considerably brighter, additional colorful, and extra suburban. It was distinct that at some stage, people today had identified as this map home—before the introduction of the Apex Video games, of course.

Considering that its introduction, Olympus has included five new POIs, two of which are regarded city takeovers. The map has also viewed its good share of terrain changes, rotation path variations, and of course, lots of gun fights. When it’s  not now in the ranked rotation, it is nonetheless essential to get to know Olympus comprehensively if you want to consider residence the coveted title of champion.

Here’s almost everything you want to know about Olympus, which include the very best drop points, rotational strategies, warm loot zones, and more.

The Olympus map as of season 13.
Screengrab by means of Respawn Entertainment

In which to fall on Olympus

When you leap into a match on Olympus, it’s simple to be confused at the sheer variety of potential fall details. Not like Fragment on World’s Edge or the old Cranium City on Kings Canyon, Olympus doesn’t have just one certain stage the place the entire foyer likes to fall. There are a good deal of feasible alternatives for those hunting to either get into an early fight or gear up prior to they take on their opponents.

If you’re on the lookout to loot 1st, one particular of the best locations to fall on the map is Section Driver. It always incorporates plenty of guns and ammo in both the section driver by itself and the bordering homes. It is tempting to drop and promptly pull the lever in the center to get higher-high quality gear, but if you detect any one else looting within just the basic vicinity, you will almost certainly want to keep away from this, as it will make a great deal of sound. Instead, purpose for the properties in the back, which always have plenty of ammo.

Impression via Respawn Enjoyment

A different fantastic drop spot is Docks. Mainly because it’s typically way off to the facet or at the very close of the dropship’s route, Docks is often uninhabited. The heart supply bin in the quite back of Docks at the edge of the map normally consists of fantastic loot, including blue and purple EVO shields, gold backpacks, and completely-kitted weapons. Even if an individual gets to the great provide chest right before you, there are even now loads of other areas to glance for equipment.

If you’d relatively fight initially, Bonsai Plaza is the closest Olympus has to a Fragment. People today normally fall there given that there’s typically excellent loot during the many towers and in the intervening gardens, so you are nearly assured to get into a combat. Land in the upper degrees and seize the closest gun to get the fall on the persons all-around you—if you land on the floor, you’ll likely be picked off by people today with a better vantage issue.

Graphic through Respawn Entertainment

Estates is a further spot to glimpse for an early fight. It is a lot easier to uncover cover below, as the properties permit you to bob and weave involving enemies and look for fast targets. Loot is a tiny additional scarce right here, and you have to operate in between houses to come across it, which briefly exposes you. Wait around for other squads to commence fighting and use their hearth as a distraction even though you gear up rapidly.

Clinic, Olympus’ latest city takeover, presents a great mix of preventing and looting. It contains a one Lifeline-fashion care bundle that can only be activated by the 1st squad to get there, so if you want its goodies, you are going to possible have to land there to stake your declare. The interior zone delivers therapeutic to these who stand in its Med-bay, which offers good aid in the center of a firefight.

Rotational zones on Olympus

If you survive your first fight (or next, or 3rd), you’ll possible want to rotate to a further zone to get the leap on enemies or carry on looting. Olympus has a lot of possibilities for rotations, but quite a few of them are in superior-traffic parts, so it’s vital to properly gauge threat against reward when deciding to shift to a various POI.

One particular of the busiest rotation zones is via Turbine, which is 1 of the central POIs on the map. Turbine has a number of entrances, such as 1 powering Hammond Labs, just one in close proximity to Electricity Depot and Rift, one particular in the vicinity of Estates, and one particular in the vicinity of Fight Night time. These are all extremely common POIs with a lot of targeted traffic. Likely by way of Turbine is often the quickest way to get to a new POI or within the ring, but you possibility managing into another group coming off of a fight with potent shields and weapons.

Picture by way of Respawn Leisure

One more repeated rotation zone is Terminal, which connects the Hammond Labs and Estates space with Stage Driver, Solar Array, and Bonsai Plaza. It is a minimal a lot easier to navigate than likely by the region with the substantial gap between Develop Towers and Photo voltaic Array, but it’s also additional constrained, building it less difficult for enemies to land space of outcome attacks and block off exits. Terminal commonly is made up of a replicator, so it is superior for a non permanent check out, but don’t spend far too a lot time there lest you arrive confront-to-confront with an additional workforce.

Electrical power Depot is a specifically challenging location to rotate through. Like Turbine, it connects various common places. It’s also far more huge-open than Turbine, primarily if you are approaching from the Gardens facet: you can’t slide down the lengthy downhill slope coming into Electricity Depot and there isn’t significantly deal with, producing it uncomplicated for enemies to see you and consider aim. If you want to rotate via there, you are going to want to go slowly and cautiously to steer clear of enemies—or go in guns blazing if you’d somewhat just take them out.

Olympus’ finest loot zones

Like Apex’s other maps, Olympus has one very hot loot zone per round. Dropping at the indicated POI raises your odds to uncover excellent loot and perhaps a fully-kitted weapon, which can give you a major edge in early fights. You won’t know which POI is categorised as a sizzling loot zone right up until you get into a match, but incredibly hot loot zones are commonly uncovered in Estates, Photo voltaic Array, Gardens, Turbine, and Strength Depot. Dropping in a hot loot zone improves your odds for a combat, as absolutely everyone wishes a crack at that excellent loot, so know that prior to you dive in.

Even if they are not viewed as sizzling loot zones, there are a few POIs that have continuously great loot. Like hot loot zones, these are often some of the most fought-more than zones on the map, so if you are seeking to get a slower commence, you could not want to land in any of these places.

As earlier talked about, Docks has a supply chest way in the quite again overlooking the edge of the map that generally consists of superior-top quality loot. This is probably the least complicated and fastest way to assure great loot, but it also spots you at the quite edge of the map, so if the ring is on the other aspect, you’re out of luck.

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Elysium is another of the best areas to get excellent loot. As opposed to Docks, Elysium has great loot scattered all above its smaller circular location. It is easy to uncover gold shields, gold backpacks, entirely-kitted weapons, and a great deal of ammo in this article no matter what legend you are actively playing, you will come across a thing that will work for them. Elysium is normally a closely-contested zone, specially if it’s in the path of the dropship, so be ready to combat for your equipment.

Oasis is a intensely contested location that includes excellent loot. To get to the finest stuff, including the gold body shields and knockdown shields, you will have to have to use ziplines to travel to the least expensive stage of the two properties. There are always at the very least a several squads who land below, but the towers supply lots of room to disguise, so you are not out in the open as significantly as you would be at Docks or a very similar location.

Picture via Respawn Leisure

Solar Array is the finest position to land if you are searching to snipe. The central creating underneath the photo voltaic panels generally has a lot of sniper equipment and superior-stage attachments on its roof, earning it 1 of the least difficult spots to come across a fantastic lengthy-range scope. The inside of home down below the roof also commonly contains prolonged journals and digital menace scopes, so even if you are not a sniper, you will possibly locate some thing valuable in Solar Array. Like numerous other preferred loot zones, Solar Array is generally greatly contested, so observe out for other squads when you are locating your perch.

Like Apex’s other maps, Olympus is virtually a character unto by itself. It has a good deal of secrets, teasers, and beautiful sights for gamers to stumble on in involving preventing and looting. With this information by your facet, you are going to be well prepared to get the most out of your engage in time on this extremely exceptional map. Delighted looting!


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